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General Information

When do Hartford Line trains run?

Hartford Line trains operate seven days a week, including holidays. Please refer to the trip planner or full schedule for departure times.

Are there restrooms on the trains?

Yes, all trains are equipped with accessible restrooms.

Can I bring a bicycle onto the train?

Bicycle policies vary between CTrail Hartford Line trains and Amtrak trains operated on the CTrail Hartford Line. Please check the schedule prior to travel to determine if you are planning to travel on a CTrail Hartford Line train or an Amtrak Hartford Line train, and refer to the bicycle policies below:

CTrail Hartford Line Trains

The CTrail Hartford Line permits the following types of bicycles onboard all CTrail Hartford Line trains based on space availability:

  • Standard Bicycles: Under direction of the conductor, customers must load and stow bicycles in designated bicycle storage areas.
  • Collapsible and Folding Bicycles: Customers must fold up collapsible and folding bicycles prior to boarding. Collapsible and folding bicycles may only be stored in luggage storage areas at the end of the car or under a seat and may not be stored in overhead racks.

Amtrak Hartford Line Trains

Amtrak trains have different requirements for bicycles.

Customers who wish to bring a bicycle on an Amtrak Hartford Line train will need to purchase their ticket through the Amtrak reservation center and add a bike to their reservation.

Visit here for more information on Amtrak’s bicycle policy or call 1-800-US-RAIL.

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are available at all stations except Windsor and Windsor Locks.

Bicycle lockers are available at Hartford Union Station (in the Spruce Street Parking Lot, on the west side of the station) and New Haven Union Station.

Are pets allowed on trains?

Trained Service Dogs assisting people with disabilities are permitted without restriction on CTrail Hartford Line trains. Please note that Amtrak has specific requirements for Service Dogs riding on Amtrak trains. Please see for more information, or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Pets are permitted to ride CTrail Hartford Line trains with the following restrictions.

  • All pets are required to be transported in a closed, well-ventilated, pet-safe carrier.
  • The maximum size for pet carriers is 19″ long x 14″ wide x 10.5″ high.
  • The maximum weight of pet with carrier is 20 pounds.
  • The carrier may be hard or soft-sided but must be leakproof.
  • Pet owners must also be mindful of other customers, and ensure their pets do not occupy empty seats.
  • Please note when bringing your pet on all Amtrak trains there are specific reservation and fee requirements. Please see for more information or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Is luggage storage available?

CTrail Hartford Line:

  • Items able to be safely carried and stored by customers are permitted on-board. Items likely to cause safety hazards or inconvenience to fellow customers or crew are not permitted.


Amtrak Hartford Line:

  • Review the Amtrak baggage policy before your trip to ensure that you are packing within the guidelines.

Is smoking or electronic cigarette use allowed on trains?

Smoking and the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (vapes, e-cigarettes, vape pens, e-hookahs) is prohibited on all Amtrak and CTrail trains, in station buildings, and on platforms.

If an item is lost on board a Hartford Line train, how do I contact Lost & Found?

For Lost & Found information, call CTrides or visit the Customer Service Center.

Why are there fewer trains north of Hartford?

North of Hartford there is only a single track and this restricts the number of trains that can be scheduled through this section. Sign-up for updates to the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield (NHHS) Rail Program.

Where can I find information on bike sharing?

Currently, Bike New Haven operates in downtown New Haven, and ValleyBike Share operates in Springfield, MA.

Do Hartford Line trains have wi-fi?

Currently, only Amtrak trains have wi-fi. CTrail Hartford Line trains do not currently have wi-fi service.

If I use a wheelchair which is the right train for me?

All Amtrak trains and CTrail trains operating on the Hartford Line can accommodate wheelchairs. Amtrak trains accommodate most wheeled mobility devices. The device should not exceed 30 inches. CTrail trains can accommodate mobility devices up to 32 inches. View more information about Amtrak trains.

If I have mobility issues can I board from any station on the Hartford Line?

Yes. All Hartford Line train stations are wheelchair accessible.

All stations between New Haven and Hartford are wheelchair accessible from high-level boarding platforms. Trains crews will use bridge plates to bridge any gap that may exist between the platform and train. At the Windsor, Windsor Locks, and Springfield, MA stations, wheelchair accessibility is provided by a vertical lift and will be deployed by train crews as needed.

How can I find out about jobs with CTrail?

Positions with the CTrail Hartford Line include conductors, engineers, customer service agents, and transportation supervisors. Employment opportunities will be posted on

What other train services are available at Hartford Line stations?

Amtrak’s Vermonter operates in the same corridor but is not part of the Hartford Line service. The Vermonter stops at many Hartford Line stations and provides service north of Springfield to St. Albans, VT.

The Amtrak Valley Flyer is a Hartford Line train that continues to the Massachusetts destinations of Holyoke, Northampton and Greenfield. Hartford Line tickets are not accepted for travel to those stations.

For tickets and schedule information for either Vermonter or Valley Flyer service, please visit or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

COVID Safety Protocols

Discover what we’re doing to get you there safely HERE.

Are masks required when riding Hartford Line trains?

Mask-wearing will no longer be enforced on CTrail Hartford Line trains and facilities in Connecticut, but per CDC guidelines, it is strongly encouraged.

Customers who feel sick should not use public transportation.

What should I do if I see a malfunctioning signal gate where tracks intersect with a road?

You should get the number off the crossing sign and call: 1-(800) 243-1255.


How will I know if my train has been delayed?

Passengers will receive service interruptions and/or cancellations via service alerts on and announcements at each station. You can also sign up to receive alerts via texts or email here.

Will train delays and real-time information be available online?

Real-time information will appear on the Passenger Information Display Screens at each station. Train delays and real-time information will be announced on You can also sign-up to receive alerts for specific trains and stations via text and email here.

Will the schedule change or will trains run more frequently at peak weekday times?

The train schedule for the Hartford Line is available here and in the Trip Planner. There may be minor adjustments to the schedule to improve efficiency and connectivity to other services. Additional train frequency is not anticipated at this time. However, customers will be notified in advance should the schedule change or be augmented with additional departures. To be notified via SMS Text Message or Email Alerts, sign up for our alerts system here.

During AM peak travel, if a Hartford Line train is late arriving at New Haven Union Station, will the connecting New Haven Line train wait?

New Haven Line trains are able to wait up to ten minutes to accommodate Hartford Line connecting passengers at New Haven’s Union Station.

Tickets & Fares

How do I purchase a ticket?

Station CTrail and Amtrak Mobile App Amtrak Quik-Trak Ticket Vending Machine On-Board CT rail (one-way only)* CTrail Ticket Vending Machine
New Haven Union Station Yes Yes Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
New Haven State Street Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Wallingford Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Meriden Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Berlin Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Hartford Yes Yes Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Windsor Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Windsor Locks Yes No Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes
Springfield Yes Yes Yes, with $3 surcharge Yes Yes

*Tickets purchased from the conductor on-board Amtrak are only available at the full, undiscounted, unrestricted fare, and only using a credit/debit card. For the Hartford Line fare, please use, the Amtrak mobile app or call 1-800-USA-RAIL.

For stations without a CTrail Ticket Vending Machine, customers can purchase one way tickets on board a CTrail train with no surcharge, or via the CTrail eTix app.

  • Download the CTrail eTix app from the Google Play Store here.
  • Download the CTrail eTix app from the Apple App Store here.

Tickets may also be purchased on or by using the Amtrak mobile app. An Amtrak ticket is valid on a CTrail train for up to 2 hours after the scheduled departure time from the station, as long as the ticket has not been refunded or canceled.

Please note, while Amtrak one-way fares for adult fares are now the same as CTrail, their fares for seniors and children can be higher.

Is my Hartford Line ticket valid on Amtrak trains?

Tickets purchased at CTrail Hartford Line Ticket Vending Machines and via CTrail eTix app are accepted onboard all of Amtrak’s trains between New Haven, CT and Springfield, MA – (except Vermonter Trains 54, 55, 56 and 57 at any time, and Amtrak Northeast Regional Trains 140, 141, 143, 146, 147, 148, 157 during holiday blackout periods only). Passengers who present a CTrail ticket for travel on the Vermonter will be charged at the applicable Amtrak ticket rates.

Is the U-Pass CT accepted aboard Hartford Line trains?

Yes, U-Pass can be used for travel on CTrail Hartford Line trains between New Haven and Springfield, including Amtrak Hartford Line trains. U-Pass is not accepted on Amtrak Vermonter (trains 54, 55, 56 and 57) trains. Valid student ID from participating college or university must be shown at time of pass use. U-Pass CT Conditions of Use apply; visit for more information.

Does the Hartford Line offer a ten-ride ticket?

Yes, you can purchase a ten-ride ticket at CTrail ticket vending machines and the CTrail eTix app. This ticket is non-transferable.

Where can I purchase my Hartford Line Monthly ticket?

Monthly Tickets can be purchased using the CTrail eTix app and from CTrail Ticket Vending Machines located at all stations.

Will I be able to buy a universal pass or travel card that allows travel on the Hartford Line, New Haven Line (Metro-North), Shore Line East and CTtransit buses?

A universal travel card is being explored by the Connecticut Department of Transportation but is not currently available. However, one-way, weekly, 10-ride, monthly, senior/disabled and school are available via the CTrail eTix app and at each station with ticket vending machines.

Can I purchase a Hartford Line ticket at a Metro-North ticket vending machine?

Yes, you can purchase a Hartford Line connecting ticket with Metro-North when you purchase your New Haven Line ticket at a Metro-North ticket vending machine (TVM). On the Metro-North TVM, select your New Haven Line destination station (New Haven) and then add the UniTicket (Connecting Services) option to select your Hartford Line destination station. Individual tickets will be generated for each leg of the trip.

You can also purchase a UniRail ticket on the CTrail eTix app.

Do I need to enter Union Station to purchase a Metro-North ticket for my connecting New Haven Line train?

No, passengers can purchase their CTrail Hartford Line and New Haven Line connecting tickets together at:

  • The CTrail eTix app
  • Ticket vending machines located at Springfield, Windsor Locks, Windsor, Hartford, Berlin, Meriden or Wallingford.
  • On board the connecting Metro-North train with cash or credit cards. To avoid the surcharge, passengers must show the Metro-North conductor their Hartford Line ticket stub/receipt before purchase.

Where can I find additional information about the CTrail eTix app?

Passengers may find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CTrail eTix app here.

The CTrail eTix app for Android or iOS can be downloaded using the links below:

  • Download the app from the Google Play store here.
  • Download the app from the Apple App store here.

Do children ride free?

Hartford Line child fare is $1 per child for up to four children ages 2-12 traveling with a paying adult. Any additional children ages 2-12 will be charged half the adult fare. Children under the age of 2 travel free.

This Child Fare Policy does not apply to Amtrak Hartford Line train options.

Are senior discounts available?

CTrail Senior (65+)/Disabled One-Way tickets are 50% off standard fare.

This rate for seniors is only available when purchased at CTrail ticket vending machines, via the CTrail eTix app, or on board CTrail trains. The Amtrak senior discount is in line with their national policy (10%) and is what will be charged when purchasing tickets for Amtrak Hartford Line trains.

Can lost Hartford Line tickets be replaced?

Lost, damaged, or stolen tickets can neither be refunded nor replaced.

Can Hartford Line tickets be refunded?

Yes, unused CTrail Hartford Line tickets can be refunded.

For tickets purchased using CTrail eTix mobile ticketing app, including CTrail Hartford Line tickets, CTrail Shore Line East tickets, and UniRail tickets (i.e, tickets for the CTrail Hartford Line with connecting service, either CTrail Shore Line East or New Haven Line (Metro-North)), customers initiate their own refunds in their CTrail eTix account for unexpired, non-activated tickets purchased that calendar day.

For tickets purchased from CTrail ticket vending machines (“CTrail TVMs”) or from CTrail conductors onboard CTrail Hartford Line trains, including CTrail Hartford Line tickets, CTrail Shore Line East tickets, and UniRail tickets (i.e, tickets for the CTrail Hartford Line with connecting service, either CTrail Shore Line East or New Haven Line (Metro-North)), refunds are processed by CTrail Customer Service.

Click here for the complete CTrail Refund policy.

Does CTrail Hartford Line offer a group sale option or discount?

Yes! Passengers traveling together in groups of 10 to 120 can submit a request to purchase tickets in advance. Groups of 10 or more adults receive a 25% discount off normal rail fare, and elementary, intermediate and high school student passengers in the group receive a 35% discount.

Group travel requests are for CTrail Hartford Line service only and cannot be used for or with a connecting service, including Amtrak Hartford Line, CTrail Shore Line East, Amtrak Vermonter, Amtrak Northeast Regional trains, or New Haven Line (Metro-North).

Learn more about group travel requests by clicking here or calling CTrides at (877) 287-4337.

What does Peak vs. Off-Peak fare mean?

CTrail Hartford Line does not have peak or off-peak fares. This only applies to the Metro-North portion of a trip. Peak fares are charged during business rush hours for travel to and from Grand Central Terminal (GCT). Details on Metro-North peak fares can be found here.


Where can I find information on connecting buses/shuttles?

All Connecticut stations on the Hartford Line are served by CTtransit. Visit for information. Springfield is served by PVTA and information is available

How can I travel beyond New Haven?

Hartford Line trains connect at Union Station. New Haven customers can connect to New Haven Line (Metro-North) for travel to and from New York (New Haven Line) and Shore Line East for travel to Old Saybrook/New London.

When traveling to New Haven, should I exit the train at State Street Station or Union Station?

This depends on where you’re going. Hartford Line trains stop at both stations. The State Street Station, located just two blocks from the New Haven Green, is the best choice for most downtown destinations. The New Haven Green is the transfer point for all CTtransit buses. Union Station, the southern terminus of the Hartford Line, is the transfer point for all connecting Metro-North (New Haven Line), Amtrak, and Shore Line East trains.

Can I take the Hartford Line to MGM Casino in Springfield?

Yes. Take the Hartford Line to Springfield Union Station. MGM Casino is a .6 mile (12-minute) walk from the station. Exit the station to Lyman Street and take a right for one block. Turn left onto Main to reach the MGM entrance at Main and State Streets. Walking directions.

There is also the free PVTA Loop bus service that serves Union Station, MGM, Basketball Hall of Fame and the Quadrangle (Springfield Museums and Armory). It operates Wednesday-Sunday. More info about this service.

How do I access Bradley International Airport from the Hartford Line?

CTtransit Hartford provides local bus connections from Hartford Line stations to Bradley International Airport.

  • 30 Bradley Flyer provides service to Bradley International Airport from Hartford Union Station.
  • 24 Windsor-Bradley Int’l Airport-Windsor Locks provides service to Bradley from both Windsor and Windsor Locks stations.

For schedules and more information on bus service, please visit or call 860-525-9181.

Stations are also serviced by transportation network companies (Uber/Lyft) and local taxis.


Where can I park?

Parking varies by station. Please check your station for parking details.

Still have questions? Contact us by completing the form found on our Customer Service page.

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