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The Hartford Line is a new type of passenger rail service that adds connectivity, faster travel times and access to more destinations in Connecticut and beyond. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is committed to improving the experience for all travelers on the Hartford Line. This pledge includes building state-of-the-art stations at Berlin, Meriden and Wallingford as well as making upgrades to our coaches.

Our new stations feature level boarding, elevators, visual and audible messaging systems and monitors displaying arrival times. Additionally, we are making upgrades to our fleet to provide one onboard restroom per train set that will meet current ADA accessibility standards and provide accessibility for all customers.

CTDOT has been and will continue working with stakeholders, community leaders, and accessibility advocates to ensure that the new Hartford Line service provides accessibility to all. Below, is information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) status of Hartford Line stations and trains, as well as plans for improvements on the way.

Train Stations

All Hartford Line train stations are wheelchair accessible.

All stations between New Haven and Hartford are wheelchair accessible from high-level boarding platforms. Trains crews will use bridge plates to bridge any gap that may exist between the platform and train. At the Windsor, Windsor Locks, and Springfield, MA stations, wheelchair accessibility is provided by a vertical lift and will be deployed by train crews as needed.

Onboard Trains

All Amtrak trains and CTrail trains operating on the Hartford Line can accommodate persons using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Restroom facilities are available on board all Hartford Line trains. CTrail Hartford Line train restrooms do not meet current accessibility standards and may not accommodate all types of wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Amtrak Hartford Line trains offer accessible restrooms.

CTrail trains are being upgraded to provide one accessible restroom on each train set. The new restrooms will be operational in early 2019. Until that time, we encourage passengers to use the temporary restroom facilities we are providing at the stations before traveling. Note: Amtrak Hartford Line trains have accessible restrooms onboard. View more information about Amtrak trains.

Improvements to Trains

Current: Status of CTrail Rail Cars Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The CTrail-branded rail cars leased for Hartford Line service are more than 30 years old. They were originally purchased by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) before the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 became law. The onboard restrooms do not currently meet accessibility standards. Federal law and regulations governing the accessibility of rail service provide exemptions for older rail cars, when no other rail cars are available that meet current accessibility criteria.

Future: Holding true to our commitment for accessibility to all.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has initiated an expedited retrofit program to modify the onboard restrooms of CTrail trains to make them fully accessible to persons with disabilities. The first rail cars with accessible restrooms are scheduled to enter service in late 2018 and the last of four rail cars with accessible restrooms are to be delivered by Spring of 2019.

For more information about how we are improving accessibility in our programs, please visit:


View the current status of all elevators at CTrail Shore Line East and CTrail Hartford Line stations here.

The elevator mitigation policy can be found here.

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